Kathrein Privatbank receives six Dachfonds Awards, including two gold awards


Kathrein Privatbank receives six Dachfonds Awards, including two gold awards

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Author - Daniel Rosenauer

  • Kathrein Mandatum 100 receives two Gold Awards of Funds Awards and one Silver Award
  • Kathrein Mandatum 50 takes second and third place
  • The Mandatum bond fund achieves third place

Vienna. November 14th, 2022 / Kathrein Privatbank emerged as one of the big winners at the 22nd presentation of Dachfonds Awards by GELD magazine. Kathrein Privatbank is pleased to receive six Dachfonds Awards in three different categories. These three categories are "equity fund conservative" with Mandatum 100, "balanced mixed fund" with Mandatum 50 and "bond fund" with Mandatum. The winners were determined according to the Sharpe ratio principle, taking into account the periods of one, three and five years. The Sharpe ratio represents the excess return of a fund over a safe (risk-free) money market investment, taking into account the volatility of the respective fund. "As a private bank, we work to find customized investments for our clients. Our in-house Mandatum funds are a key component of our asset allocation. The awarding at the Dachfonds Awards confirm that our active management approach is the right one," says Wilhelm Celeda, CEO of Kathrein Privatbank.


Kathrein Privatbank receives awards for the following funds:


Kathrein Privatbank has also received several awards at GELD magazine's Dachfonds Awards in previous years, but six awards is a new record. "These six awards confirm the excellent work that our portfolio management team does on a daily basis. Ultimately, this success benefits our customers," says Harald Holzer, Chief Investment Officer and member of the Management Board at Kathrein Privatbank.


How was it assessed?

The basic formation of the categories was done according to the asset class - i.e. bonds, equities or alternative investments. Most Dachfonds are primarily mix equities and bonds. If the ratio of these two asset classes in the portfolio is relatively fixed, they belong to the mixed fund bond-oriented, balanced or equity-oriented. If the investment rules are more liberal in this respect, they are mixed fund flexible. In all categories where there is a wide range of volatility, the funds were further subdivided into "conservative", possibly "balanced" and "dynamic" according to the historical volatility of their redemption values.

The cut-off date for the evaluation was September 30, 2022. The data material was provided by Lipper IM.



Kathrein Privatbank AG, headquartered in Vienna, was founded in 1924 by Carl Kathrein and is one of the leading private banks in German-speaking countries. Its core competence lies in the management of private, corporate and institutional assets as well as the assets of private foundations. As a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG, the private bank offers the advantages of a flexible, independent as well as service-oriented institution and the security of a stable, international banking group.



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