Precious metals

Precious metals

Bright prospects.

Gold Lydia

Simple and secure.

Gold is a sensible portfolio addition - not only in uncertain times. In the form of gold bars and coins, it still serves as an international means of payment and offers stability of value especially in times of high inflation and a weak US dollar. Especially in times of crisis, gold has always proven its worth as a hedge. It is advisable to hold a certain percentage of one's assets in gold.

The Kathrein Gold Account is the easiest and securest way to invest in gold.


At a glance. The gold account of Kathrein Privatbank.

  • The Kathrein Gold Account offers the easiest way to invest in physical gold. Buy physical gold with direct settlement via your account.
  • You can keep an eye on the value of your gold holdings at all times, as it is shown in online reporting like a custody account statement.
  • Your gold holdings are kept safe and insured with Kathrein or a safe partner. This guarantees you low storage costs and security against theft.
  • You have full flexibility and can sell your gold at any time or have it physically delivered.


Further services:

  • Physically purchase various other precious metals and store them securely in our Kathrein safe.
  • You can also profit from precious metals via ETCs (Exchange Traded Commodities) and participation certificates. Your private banker will be happy to advise you.

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