Sustainable out of conviction.

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Everything. Only not green behind the ears.

We at Kathrein live sustainability out of conviction, which is why ecological responsibility starts with us in-house. We have defined clear measures and targets for all areas where we can make a contribution to environmental and climate protection.

Kathrein strives to keep its environmental impact as low as possible. Therefore, we are constantly working on improving the sustainability standards and the most important ecological control parameters in the relevant areas. 

Operational Ecology Details

The following measures are currently being implemented or have been implemented in recent years: 



  • Energy efficiency through automatic light switch-off.
  • Temperature control in the premises through outdoor thermostat. 
  • Green electricity mix for Kathrein. 



Business travel / meetings: To reduce business travel and the number of printed documents, electronic communication tools (currently "MS Teams", among others) have been introduced and the meeting rooms have been equipped with supporting technologies (e.g. video systems). 

Transport/vehicle fleet: In recent years, a conscious effort has been made to equip the vehicle fleet with lower-emission (electric) vehicles. In its own vehicle fleet, Kathrein has exclusively e-cars, which can be used by employees for business trips. The average CO2 emissions in Kathrein's vehicle fleet are xxx g CO2/km. A bicycle room is offered to the employees.



Establishment of sustainable procurement at Kathrein with sustainable ordering of materials and selection of suppliers and business partners according to appropriate criteria. Reduction of paper consumption through expansion of the digital office.

Code of Conduct for Suppliers:

The provisions of the Code of Conduct for Suppliers are based on Kathrein's core values as a wholly owned subsidiary of RBI with regard to business ethics and ecological commitment. 

Kathrein requires its suppliers and business partners acting on behalf and/or in the name of Kathrein to comply with the provisions of the Code of Conduct for Suppliers. In exceptional cases, the CoC of the supplier/business partner may also apply.



Expansion of waste separation throughout the office building. Separate disposal of paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, Styrofoam, residual waste, electronic waste, toner and print cartridges.