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Private Equity

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The private equity success story.

For ten years now, we have been able to observe that a large part of the increase in the value of companies takes place before they go public. In order to participate in this increase in value, access to the so-called Private Markets is required. Private equity and venture capital are the best-known products in this area. The investment volume in private equity has more than doubled in the last ten years.

For good reason: According to market research data, private equity investments have a higher return than equity investments. In addition, there is another strength: the low correlation with companies listed on the stock exchange ensures a broader diversification of your investments.

We would like to point out that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns and that Private Equity investments are subject to risks and can result in higher losses. Additionally, invested capital is tied up for the long term.

Until now, investing in Private Equity was mainly reserved for large investors such as pension funds or foundations, as a large minimum investment volume of several million euros and substantial administrative effort was required. With the Kathrein Private Markets Platform, we at Kathrein now offer qualified private investors access to this asset class for the first time.

"A qualified private investor" is an investor who has unencumbered bank deposits and financial instruments worth more than EUR 250,000, who will make the investment for the purpose of diversifying and spreading the risk of their existing asset investment, and who confirms that they are aware of the risks associated with the intended investment and that the AIF management company or the distribution partner has also verified the existence of these conditions.

Making Private Equity investments easy.

With the Kathrein Private Markets Platform you can invest easily, digitally and ´Čéexibly in the global private equity markets. You have exclusive access to a fine selection of international funds managed by the leading private equity managers. The selection and composition of the funds is based on a professional selection process by the Kathrein Private Equity expert team and our partner Moonfare, an established, experienced and globally active private equity manager. 

At a glance.

  • Easy access to the global private equity market and first-class private equity funds selected by professionals
  • Easy execution and transparency via a digital platform including access to the secondary market
  • Invest already with small volumes and low costs
  • Private Equity products are speculative and involve risks. There is a possibility of significant losses, including a total loss of invested capital
  • Investments in Private Markets and their sub-categories are speculative and risky, as well as illiquid and therefore unsuitable for investors who cannot hold their investment for the long term (at least 10 years)
  • Investments in Private Markets should therefore not be seen as a stand-alone strategy and should always be part of a balanced, broadly diversified portfolio of financial assets
  • The Alternative Investments offered on the Moonfare platform are not subject to supervision by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) or any other Austrian authority





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