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Modern securities with clear advantages and transparent risks.

Certificates are modern financial instruments that Kathrein likes to add to our portfolios. The universe ranges from conservative, capital-protected products to forms with a speculative orientation. Certificates help to optimally adjust the personal investment to the individual opportunity and risk profile, in every market situation, for every investment horizon. Thanks to our close cooperation with Raiffeisen Bank International (Raiffeisen Certificates), Austria's best certificate issuer, we can offer you tailor-made solutions.

What are certificates?

Certificates are a special type of bond and, with a predefined payout profile, are transparent and comprehensible. For most certificate investors, the focus is on a balanced relationship between return and security. Investment products are available for rising but also sideways or moderately falling prices on the stock markets. The redemption is linked to the performance of a specific underlying according to clear criteria. These are, for example, shares or indices. From a legal point of view, certificates are bearer bonds and thus represent freely tradable financial instruments. Like classic bank bonds, certificates are also subject to "issuer risk" as well as creditor participation ("bail-in") and are not subject to the deposit guarantee system.


All advantages at a glance.

  • With certificates, products are available that make earnings opportunities possible in any market situation.
    Certificate investors can invest profitably in rising, sideways trending and falling market phases. We would like to point out that in the event of a negative market development, certain types of certificates may also result in a loss of capital.

  • There are suitable products for investors of every risk profile - from security-oriented to speculative.

  • Certificates offer maximum transparency: For certificates, there are usually no management fees during the term. The payout profiles of certificates are clearly defined from the outset. Investors know exactly which repayment they will receive at maturity, depending on the underlying.

  • Certificates are easily accessible and can be purchased within the subscription period.

  • Sustainable investment or investment themes, such as sectors or technologies, are easy to implement with certificates.

  • Issuer risk: In the event of insolvency or imminent default of the issuer and/or the guarantor of the certificate, the certificates may expire worthless. 


Kathrein Privatbank offers you the opportunity to purchase a wide range of certificates from globally recognized issuers. The Kathrein Private Banking Team will be happy to provide you with further information.

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