Sustainable investment

Advantages of sustainable investments

We are convinced that sustainable investment has a future - in two senses. That is why we have been committed to this topic since 2012. Since then, we have been supporting our clients in finding sustainable solutions, developing customized investment strategies and demonstrating that sustainable investments and attractive returns go hand in hand. Global political commitment and growing investor interest show that the future belongs to this form of investment.

Return on capital

You can achieve attractive returns with sustainable investments.

Your values

With sustainable investments, cast your values into a customized investment.


Actively shaping a better future with sustainable investments.

Black figures with green investment.

Sustainable investing is becoming increasingly popular and the options are correspondingly numerous. However, many people do not know exactly how they can make a difference in this complex topic. That's why we at Kathrein start with your personal goals, as we do with every investment:

  • What do you want to achieve? 
  • Which future topics interest you?
  • Which business areas fit your values? 
  • Which business practices are intolerable for you? 

Our sustainable investment solutions. This is how sustainable investing works.

Our sustainable funds  

  • are based on the criteria of renowned quality seals, 
  • ensure minimum standards through exclusion criteria, 
  • positive criteria for enhanced quality, and thanks to the best-in-class  
  • thanks to the best-in-class strategy, we also highlight industry pioneers and thus generate sustainable added value. 

In order to take some of the complexity out of the topic of sustainable investing, a wide variety of certifications and seals of approval have been agreed worldwide. At Kathrein, you can also rely on numerous such orientation aids for the funds we manage. Well-known are, for example, the FNG seal and the Austrian eco-label for sustainable financial products.

Selected funds also comply with the "Guidelines for Ethical Investments" issued by the Austrian Bishops' Conference and the Austrian Religious Orders (FinAnKo). Futhermore, we can also implement all these criteria in an asset management or special fund. 

Sound reasons for sustainable investments.

  • Robust growth
    As climate change intensifies, exposing the economy and our society to risks, sustainable investing is emerging as one of the fastestgrowing investment trends.

  • Excellent prospects
    Sustainable investment strategies are proving to
    be compellingly successful. There are now a host
    of empirical studies that document its favorable
    impact with regard to the risk-return profile.

  • Stringent regulations
    International minimum standards and expanded,
    even more rigorous criteria for Kathrein’s funds give
    investors the security and transparency they seek.

  • Diversified investing
    You can tailor your portfolio to mirror your personal
    values, choosing from a broad range of sustainable
    products as well as Kathrein’s personalized asset
    management with its focus on sustainability.

  • Personal experience
    Kathrein has been giving serious attention to
    sustainability for over ten years – even before
    it became a trend – allowing us to amass a
    wealth of expertise.

  • A clean conscience
    Accepting responsibility and contributing to a
    brighter future are tasks we all share. Kathrein
    tackles these issues from a place of personal
    commitment and conviction, every single day.

  • Your grandchildren
    And because your real treasures might be named
    Paula, Matthew, or Sophie, thinking about future
    generations makes perfect sense when it comes
    to investing.

An investment that reflects your character.

You’re probably already committed to living sustainably, to keeping abreast of the issues that impact the future, and to walking the path towards a sustainably more livable planet. In that case, shouldn’t your investments reflect your values? At Kathrein, we enable you to make tailor-made sustainable investments.

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