Crypto Assets

Crypto Assets

Future technology or speculation?

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What are crypto-assets?

The term "crypto-assets" has become established to clarify the difference of Bitcoin and other digital assets from legally recognised currencies. The term "cryptocurrency" is therefore misleading because there is no central bank behind crypto-assets and Bitcoin and Co. are not legally recognised means of payment in most countries. 

Crypto assets are issued by private individuals and are usually stored in digital wallets. If access to this digital storage is lost, for example because one no longer knows the password, no one can access these assets.

Crypto assets are highly speculative investments based on blockchain technology. There are now a large number of digital coins and also trading venues for them. The hype around the blockchain has died down somewhat, but it is still a future technology with enormous potential, even apart from the virtual assets, which are documented by means of hash values (unique security keys that are stored on the blockchain).

Without a wallet - like a security.

You want to directly and easily participate in the performance of cryptoassets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. without opening a "wallet" at a crypto exchange? Financial instruments that track the price development of these digital currencies 1:1 can be purchased via Kathrein, making a depositable investment in securities form easier than ever before.

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