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Social Engagement

Social commitment has priority in our company and is thus an important part of our social responsibility. The health and satisfaction of our employees is particularly important to us. Therefore, we provide numerous offers ranging from health to trainings. A special focus is diversity; we have employees from 12 nations in the company, and we are also committed to women in the financial sector.

Diversity & Inclusion.

We speak 10 languages at Kathrein Privatbank. This makes it clear that the topic of diversity & inclusion is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy.

We are committed to equal rights regardless of origin, sexual orientation, culture, gender, age, language, income, religious beliefs or disability. Our Group-wide Code of Conduct clearly states that we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. A corresponding procedure is set out in our hiring guidelines.

We act according to these five principles:

  1. We live commitment and dedication to diversity and inclusion from the top management level up.
  2. We have diverse and diversity-sensitive leadership teams.
  3. We empower all employees to contribute to an inclusive work culture.
  4. We intentionally build diversity and inclusion into HR processes and practices.
  5. We work transparently and data-driven.

Kathrein is always on the lookout for the best minds with diverse skills and competencies. This enables us to develop the best possible understanding of customers' diverse needs and provide tailored, high-quality financial services.

Why Diversity?

  • Better understanding of customers and their needs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Companies with diverse teams are more successful
  • Higher motivation, productivity, loyalty, creativity and flexibility
  • Appreciative use of potential and optimized use of talent
  • Authentic Employer Branding

Figures, Data, Facts


  • 10 languages are spoken at Kathrein Privatbank.
  • Our employees come from 12 nations.
  • We have a share of 50% women in management positions.


Professional success and the ability to achieve top performance are based on a fulfilling private life.

Kathrein offers a wide range of options to make it possible for employees to balance work and family life. These include: Flexible working time models (part-time, home office, etc.), health/sports offerings, occupational and company medicine, e-learning, performance management, regular employee satisfaction surveys and much more.

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Member of "Fondsfrauen"


Kathrein Privatbank has been a member of Fondsfrauen since 2021. This largest career network for women in the financial sector in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg was founded in Germany in 2015 and is already supported by over 40 companies.

The Fondsfrauen provide information on topics such as personal branding, gender pay gap and optimal use of LinkedIn. Furthermore, a "Young Professionals" working group was founded, whose members will act as role models and promote young women in finance with targeted initiatives.

In Austria, the financial education working group is very active. The three-part workshop series "Fit for Finance" was held free of charge for three women's networks and supported by experts from Kathrein Privatbank. A German and an English workshop series were held for RBI AG, each with more than 100 female participants. The provision of video recordings enabled interested women to be reached beyond the circle of participants.

Knowledge and personnel management

The centralized and decentralized training programs for our employees cover three main areas: Management development, professional development and personal development.

Sustainability risks are adapted within the framework of Kathrein Privatbank's business and risk strategy in internal human resources management, and sustainability training is mandatory for all employees.

In addition, those employees whose activities are affected by sustainability risks, e.g. from the areas of portfolio management, asset management and sales, receive special training on sustainability requirements that are necessary in connection with the regulatory framework (MiFID II and sustainability, disclosure and taxonomy). These are evidenced with a 12 MiFID credit certification as an EFPA ESG Advisor.

The ongoing development of know-how on the professional handling of disclosure and client information obligations is also an integral part of the training.


Our employees are our decisive criterion for success. In addition to continuous, high-quality training, a good work-life balance is also necessary to provide our customers with the best possible service. Our focus is on flexibility. We allow our female employees different working time models to meet the need for flexibility in short or long term. A well-managed return to work after maternity leave is also an important factor in guaranteeing our female employees good career planning.

Donations and Sponsorships

Company forest Togo

As part of the "Yes we plant!" initiative, we launched the "Kathrein Privatbank Corporate Forest" project in Togo West Africa together with "natureOffice" and planted 1,650 trees for climate protection.

Planting trees can remove climate-damaging CO2 from the atmosphere and thus make a positive contribution to climate protection for a better future. The native tree species are planted on a fallow area that is not needed for food cultivation. In the process, some planted trees also bear fruit, among other things, making an additional contribution to the local food supply. At the same time, the biodiversity of the forests can be strengthened and the land can be protected from drying out. By raising the seedlings and the general care of the Kathrein company forest by local workers, local education is promoted and jobs are created. Thus, the Kathrein company forest in Togo not only actively contributes to climate protection - a tree binds CO2 no matter where in the world it is planted and thus contributes to global climate protection - but also brings added value to the local population.

On average, one tree can bind 10 kg of CO2 per year.


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