PSD2 XS2A interface description
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XS2A Interface
Payment Services Directive (PSD2)
Third Party Provider (TPP) – Access to account:
 In accordance with the requirements of PSD2 and the related technical regulations of the EBA, please find attached the information on XS2A (Access to Accounts) interfaces. 
Our XS2A interface follows the specifications of the Berlin Group, which are summarised in the NextGenPSD2 Access to Accounts Interoperability Framework.
Information on the Sandbox APIs is available at the following URL HTTPS://TEST-EBANKING.KATHREIN.CPB.SERVICES/BANKING-MIDDLEWARE/PSD/DOC

For all requests (e.g. demo data, sandbox, production) from Third Party Providers (TTPs), the following contact option is available: PSD2@KATHREIN.AT 
We make every effort to answer technical questions about the interface promptly, but there is no entitlement to specific response times.

Publication of statistics on availability and performance of the dedicated interface

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