RA : AT0000857511
Fond type mixed funds
Currency EUR
Status 22.09.2023
Yearly YTD +5.00 %
value development Prev. Year -9.05 %
5 Years p.a. +1.86 %
Risk rating middle

Short portrait

HYPO-INVEST is a mixed fund that invests in securities denominated exclusively in euros. The fund therefore has no foreign currency risk. The fund's assets are spread across a broadly diversified portfolio of different countries and sectors within the eurozone. Investments in equities, bonds and money market instruments are made according to market assessment. Derivatives are used for tactical portfolio management. The fund is suitable for severance pay and pension provisions in accordance with § 14 EstG as well as for acquisitions in the sense of the profit allowance (SME subsidy) in accordance with § 10 EstG. The fund meets the requirements according to § 25 PKG.



RA: AT0000857511
RA: 56.44
Management fees (p.a.)
1.48 %
Transaction costs (p.a.)
0.08 %


Sharpe Ratio 0.27
Maximum Temporary Loss -17.22 %
Volatility (p.a.) 7.49 %


(RA: AT0000857511)

+1.99 %

Annual performance p.a. since the beginning

since option: 01.01.1999 bis 22.09.2023

+1.86 %

5 Annual performance p.a.

5 Years: 27.09.2018 bis 22.09.2023

+3.04 %

3 Annual performance p.a.

3 Years: 28.09.2020 bis 22.09.2023

+5.00 %

Annual performance

YTD: 30.12.2022 bis 22.09.2023

Asset Allocation

(RA: AT0000857511)

Top Ten Holdings

50.84 %

  • HYPO-RENT Inh.-Ant. A o.N.16.8 %
  • Kathrein Sustain.Bond Classic Inhaber-Anteile I A o.N.13.34 %
  • Kathrein Sustainable Bond Select11.55 %
  • Bundesrep.Deutschland Anl.v.2014 (2024)2.63 %
  • Österreich, Republik EO-Bundesanl. 2014(24)2.61 %
  • Bundesrep.Deutschland Anl.v.2015 (2025)2.56 %

45.96 %

  • ASML Holding N.V. Aandelen op naam EO -,093.62 %
  • LVMH Moët Henn. L. Vuitton SE Actions Port. (C.R.) EO 0,33.07 %
  • TotalEnergies SE Actions au Porteur EO 2,502.6 %

3.19 %

  • Cash3.19 %


(RA: AT0000857511)

Legal Notice

This information is an advertising communication and not an offer or a recommendation to buy or sell a financial instrument.
The fund regulations of the fund have been approved by the Financial Market Authority.

When investing in investment funds, price fluctuations are possible at any time due to market changes.

Previous performance results do not allow any reliable conclusions to be drawn about the future development and income of the fund.
The performance is calculated according to the OeKB method and is given as a percentage, taking into account the reinvestment of the distribution. Costs such as management fees or other costs charged to the fund assets have already been taken into account in the performance, but not the customer-specific front-end load or custody account fees. Depending on the specific amount, these have a correspondingly reducing effect on the performance.
If an issue surcharge of e.g. 3% is charged, this reduces the performance in the year of purchase by EUR 3,000 for every EUR 10,000 invested. A custodian fee of 0.25% reduces the income annually by EUR 25 for every EUR 10,000 in the fund.

For investors whose home currency differs from the fund currency, the return may rise or fall as a result of currency fluctuations.

The tax treatment depends on the personal circumstances of the investor.

The published current prospectus or the information for investors according to § 21 AIFMG as well as the basic information sheet and the customer information document (key investor information or KID) of the investment fund are available to interested parties in German at www.kathrein.at under „Investment Solutions / Our Funds“. These documents represent the sole sales document and contain important risk information

A summary of investor rights in German and information on ending cross-border sales in a member state can be found for funds with Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage GmbH as the management company (KAG) at 20210802_summary of investor rights.pdf and for funds with Masterinvest Kapitalanlage GmbH as management company (KAG) under rights_of_investors_en.pdf.