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Well advised with the Kathrein Expert Network.

Investment and property law issues often involve a number of complex legal and tax issues. In order to offer our clients a comprehensive service that also takes these important aspects into account and ensures legally and fiscally balanced solutions, we work closely with the premier league of Austrian lawyers, notaries and tax advisors. This fixed network, which we not only use for Kathrein-specific tasks, but which we also provide for your private consulting needs, has established itself as the "Kathrein Privatbank Expert Network".

The members of the Kathrein Privatbank Expert Network are carefully selected by us on the basis of the strictest quality criteria. Due to our contacts and years of experience, we are able to identify the authorities with the greatest know-how for each detailed area. 

Whether you are looking for a tax advisor with profound knowledge of setting up sub-foundations or would like to know which lawyer can best advise you on questions regarding inheritance claims in connection with the establishment of a foundation - the Kathrein Privatbank expert network brings together specialists in foundation, family, inheritance, real estate, corporate and tax law as well as securities, banking and insurance law. In addition, we can provide you with contacts to experts in the fields of education, art and culture as well as real estate.

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